C.L. Master

The Allrounder

The surcingle C.L. Master was developed in cooperation with the 3- times World and European Campion of single vaulting Christoph Lensing (GER). This handle type works very successfull by many competitors in different classes. Especially young single- and teamvaulters are happy to use this anatomical handle type.

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C.L. Kür I

World Champion Surcingle

The surcingle C.L. Kür I was developed in cooperation with the World- and European Champion Nicola Ströh (GER). This world champion surcingle is especially made for the varying levels of difficulty in the vaulters competition under consideration of the demands for vaulting groups.
The C.L. Kür I is mostly used by professional single- and team- vaulters.

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C.L. Kür II

The S- Type

The surcingle C.L. Kür II is the straight way of creating a handle type with more varieties than the C.L. Kür I for professional vaulting.
The new shaped S- form of the handles guarantees a less handpressure vaulting and allowes the team- vaulters great varieties in freestyle and technic

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